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Make your online parties really stand out.

With outstanding features designed specifically with independent direct sales consultants in mind, My Online Party is the best way to host parties over the internet.

Distraction Free Parties

Facebook is a hotbed of distractions for your party guests, get and keep their attention by getting off facebook for the party.

Live Video

Static text or image posts are out, Live Streaming is the best way to impress your guests.

Your Party, Your Brand

Customize your party pages with your own unique touch, stand out and get more sales.

Make Checkout A Breeze

Vibrant Calls to Action point your party guests directly to your checkout page.

Scheduled Posts

Create posts that automatically display at set times during your party.

Live Party Chat

Party guests can chat with each other, ask questions and you can answer live.

Recorded Video

The party doesn’t stop when the stream is over. Post promotional videos or recordings of the party for guests to view any time.

Connect To Your Social Networks

Link party guests to your facebook VIP group or other social networks for follow ups.

Grab A Larger Audience

Not everyone is on Facebook. Open your parties up to anyone that wants to come.

Angie Sterns

This is amazing! My Online Party is by far THE best place to have online parties. I can't imagine why I would ever use Facebook for my Posh parties again. My customers have really enjoyed how easy it is to interact with me and each other during parties.

Angelina Sterns - Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant

Nicole Landen

Thank you for this AMAZING platform! You have FOREVER changed how I will offer an online party to my customers. This was such an intimate experience with my hostess and guests. I literally felt like we were all in the same room, laughing and having fun.

Nicole Landen - Independent Director, Thirty-One Gifts

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